Sunday, November 4, 2007

Do you see what I see?

I won't sing, I promise, but give a girl a little help.

Last night I got all excited when I figured out how to organize my photos a little more efficiently on photobucket. Unfortunately, I broke all kinds of links, and now I'm not sure what you all can see.

On both of my computers, I can see all my posts. But over at Kate's today, I tried to log on to show off my stunner of a kid, and none of my photos were there.

So, can you comment please? Let me know what you can and can't see. I know the first two posts are fine, because I suspected this last night and re-posted my squirrel friend.



marilissa said...

i can't see "tastes like chicken" but i do see the pics from pug day.

emily said...

I can see the pictures of the Pug fest and the squirrels, and the picture of Scarlett in the upper right corner, but that's it. None of the pictures in the other posts are showing.

glass said...

I kinda see everything. Er, at least I think I do.

Grandma Marcy said...

I can only see the pug fest, pumpkins and halloween. The only pictures of darling scarlett were with the Bumble Bee costume. I don't think I can see them all.
Keep up the effort. I am way more IT challanged than you. So there will always be someone who has a bigger computer handicap than you!!