Saturday, November 3, 2007

I am fully prepared to be made fun of.

It was PugFair 2007.

There were pugs in costumes, pugs in strollers, pugs in houses, pugs who needed homes, and pugs that didn't look so much like pugs, but more like pigs.

There were lovely people raising money, and kids who thought all these little dogs were just sort of neat. There was a singing veterinarian who checked out eyes and ears and noses, all between sets. There were officials. They told us who had the best costume and the curliest tail.

There were pug t-shirts, pug sweatshirts, pug license plates and pug kisses. A little peanut butter helped, but most pugs gave kisses willingly. If not a little exuberantly.

It was such a success that Alice didn't even really try to get in my lap on the way home. She was too pugged.

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