Monday, November 12, 2007

Seriously, this is why we didn't teach her sign language. I'm pretty sure I know what one finger means.

If anyone has any ideas how to get a one year old to subject herself to the indignity of the nasal aspirator without the dirty looks and the wails of despair, please fill me in.

Apparently, I'm trying to suck out her brain and remove her adenoids without the benefit of a general anesthetic. But eating and enjoying a good pre-nap binky are almost impossible with impacted sinus cavities.

Oh, and to all of the well meaning people who stopped me yesterday at the grocery store to pointedly ask about the bruise on my daughter's cheek? Well, what can I say? She's still working on her nunchucks skills. But her shuriken is spot on.

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Stephanie823 said...

I have no advice other than to grab her neck in the crook of your arm and hold her in a headlock while kneeling on her hands - which is what I have had to do to Stella for 4 days now. But then after the torture, she LAUGHS at the sound it makes when it sucks out the snot. While I gag.