Thursday, November 1, 2007

And I'd like it to be prepared by a left handed barista who is deaf in one ear.

I overheard the last half of what had to be the most insane order at Starbucks this morning.

"...11 pumps and 135 degrees, please."

How does one get to the point that one knows that 11 pumps is the way to go? Had he really tried 10 and found it too weak, and 12 was just plain overwhelming? And to know the correct temperature to the degree?

Seriously, I want no more flack for my triple grande non-fat cappuccino.

Now that Halloween is past, Kevin and I can concentrate on something that is really scary. Open enrollment for medical insurance. Ooooooooooooo.

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marilissa said...

i wish you had a picture of that guy for the blog.