Saturday, November 10, 2007

And the Gauchos WORE gauchos!

Theme restaurants are fun. Except when you end up with a raging meat hangover.

We went to a Brazilian Steakhouse last night with our friends, Jamie and Shiloh. Men with tridents wound through the tables, offering up meaty treats. Shiloh went into food coma shortly after the garlic steak. The boys and I hung on through half a dozen more meats, until dessert, at which time Jamie passed out in his strawberry cheesecake.

There was some debate on the hierarchy of meat carriers - did the sausage guys have to put their time in before being promoted to steak? Was the chicken guy the equivalent to the cotton candy guy at the ballpark?

Somewhere, Dr. Atkins is smiling.


marilissa said...

looks awesome! but then again anything more than 3pts looks awesome on weight watchers.

Stephanie823 said...

Our favorite little Brazilian Steakhouse is Ipanema Grille...My Dad likes to go and sit by the "meat window." This was pre-heart attack. :)