Monday, November 26, 2007

And I don't even LIKE pumpkin pie.

We are all finally awake around here. The leftovers are gone, and calorie counts are dropping.

Friday was of course, for shopping, and we escaped mostly unscathed. Mostly. Target lacked the foresight to keep back an extra Guitar Hero just for me. They also sold out of the Wii, and the two types of televisions that were stashed back with Liz Lange's Maternity gear. Because when I was pregnant, there was nothing like reasonably priced panel front jeans and a flat panel TV.

Saturday was football, and more eating. And putting things in the yard that make your neighbors wonder who went to Tennessee, and that scare the bejezus out of your dog.

Sunday was a day of rest. And today, Monday, was for looking at each other and saying "Are you kidding?"

So now we look forward to the next round of holiday cheer. It will be here this weekend.

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